What do conversation skills and 200 pushups have in common?

A lot.

Last Tuesday at 8:00 A.M. I flipped some music on and started doing pushups. Within minutes by biceps were burning, but I kept pushing on (pun intended).

3 months earlier I had a goal of doing 200 pushups in 40 minutes by January 1. For extra motivation, I made a bet with a friend and he promised a night out on the town if I reached it.

I trained about an hour a week. Too little, because at 150 pushups, my arms were on fire.

Failure was not an option!

At 8:38 a.m.

198, 199, 200!

I reached my goal!

An incredible feeling of confidence swept over me…and it’s still here 7 days later. Reaching a High goal = high confidence!

What I’ve noticed is that this confidence is oozing into every area of my life.

… I’ve been getting up an hour early each day.
… My conversation skills & Charisma have gone up a notch
… I’m enjoying life more and it’s boosted my mood

All from doing 200 pushups.

You don’t have to do 200 pushups. Accomplish a good goal and you’ll new confidence that will effect every area of life.

I’m thrilled with the results, so I am setting more goals and will be doing the 100 Day Challenge.

More confidence & results are just around the corner!

I talked to t

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