It was painftalking-guys-1382970-m[1]ul.

Across the room Chris was in conversation with a pretty young lady. The slender lady looked uncomfortable, bored, and uninterested. That did not stop Chris. Chris continue to drone on and be a horrible conversation partner.

I felt sorry for the lady and a mixture of irritation/sympathy towards Chris. If only he knew a few good conversation techniques, he would have created a positive experience for the lady, instead of pain!

Chris was making one of the three common mistakes I see in coaching clients.

#1: Talking just about themselves…all the time

Do this and lose friends and irritate people. Salesman who talk about themselves to much will son starve. This mistake will often prevent a second date. A couple good questions some listening will prevent you from making this mistake.

2. Repelling Body Language

Cross your arms. Frown. Slouch your shoulders.

You’ll broadcast to others that you do not want to talk and you’ll bore others. To many people do this and wonder why no one wants to talk to them. Have a confident posture and smile with your body.

3. Talking too Little

Chris was saying too much, but you can also say too little.

Other person: How are you?

You: Fine

Other Person: What did you do this weekend?

You: Nothing

This will kill a conversation. At least give a sentence answer. Throw out some info that will keep the conversation going.

Too many people have poor conversation skills. Avoid these three behaviors and apply techniques from the Conversation Success System.

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