My friend Sara was deep into a serious relationship with a guy. It was at a point where they either take a step a forward and dive into engagement or cool it off and get back on the house market. (Thats a visual term I heard several years ago).

Sara told John, “I need to take a two week break to think about our relationship.”

Was John freaked out? Probably. He liked Sara and could feel her slipping away.

However, he did not make the fatal mistake that can ruin relationships.
He said OK. No complaints. No begging for mercy. No buying flowers to keep her from taking a mini break.
For 5 days there was no contact. No phone calls. No letters. No text messages.
On the sixth day, Sara calls John up and says, “I have clarified my thinking and want to continue the relationship and take it to the next level.”
What would you have done if you were John?
He made a brilliant move. He said, “Appreciate that, but you said two weeks, so we’ll wait two weeks.”
After another 9 days of no contact, they got back together and were quickly engaged. Then married. Now happy.
John understood how to play the courtship dance.
Do You?
Have a great day,
Austin Barnes


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