Good Conversation QuestionsJust out of high school, I was involved in face-to-face sales. I quickly discovered a selling secret. Make conversation with the potential customer.

Same is true for making friends, leaving a great impression, or having an enjoyable date. (By the way even if you are married or in a committed relationship, going on dates is vital to a healthy relationship)

As I’ve covered in the Conversation Success System, using interest with questions is powerful.

There is one question I would use almost every time with a new customer.

Not sure where I heard it from, but it I love using it and customers enjoyed answering it.

How do you like to spend most of your time?

Most of the time people would share about their work and/or hobbies. Great fodder for more questions or to find a connection.

(Finding connections is essential to quickly connecting with people. See more info in the Conversation Success System.)

This is a better question than asking “What do you do?” A person may be embarrassed to mention they are unemployed, etc.

Stick with powerful question above and you’ll take your conversation skills to the next level.


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