Everyone was having fun. Small clusters of people joked and talked. The event was in full swing and I was having a great time.
I glanced towards a corner and saw Jim. Jim’s body language shouted, “Stay away.”
Folded arms and scowl were like a flashing neon sign.
I made the approach using tactics from the Conversation Success System.
After starting the conversation, I listened as Jim said,
“No one is talking to me!”
“What!”, I thought.
That’s like a store owner that puts out a closed sign and complains that no one comes in.
I chatted for a couple minutes and then left. Jim could have had fun, but he failed to apply some basic conversation tips.
Are you like Jim? Or do you smile with your face and your body?

PS. My wife and I just made some new friends tonight using some of the strategies from “Get More Friends”. http://conversationhelp.com/get-more-friends

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