Tuesday, I walked into the bank to cash a check. And of course I had to wait in line. ARGH

Right behind me was an older gentleman, who looked friendly.

I decided to start a conversation using the CQ method. This method works on CEOs, five year olds, and when dating my now wife.

C = Comment

Q = Question

The conversation went like this:
Comment: Hi
Man: Hi
Question: What do you think of the weather?
Man: It’s cold and I’m concerned with pipes freezing.
Question: Pipes Freezing? (Notice I just repeated his phrase)
Man: Yea, they are on the north side of the house.
Comment: This was a concern of mine too….

With the CQ method you can talk with anyone. Just use good conversation questions as outlined in the Conversation Success System.
You may be thinking, why bother starting conversations with people? Good question. Saturday, I’ll share an amazing story of why.
In the meantime, question and comment!


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