Business conversation skills are extremely important. Recently, a study showed that CEOs that had good ability at small talk and were able to carry on a conversation were higher paid and more successful. Plus, if a person does not have business conversation skills it will be a distraction.


Do you ever remember meeting a professional where they may have had a great product, but because of how they communicated and came across had no sales? A couple of tips will help in getting business conversation skills.

Improving Business Conversation Skills

First, read a book or take a course. There are many books and courses on how to improve conversation skills and how to confidently talk with anyone. Taking just a couple hours of reading those will be a big asset. One of the great ones is, “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carneghie.


Another tip is to practice. Yes, practice. Well, you might be thinking, I already practice. But what I’m talking about is focused practice. And that’s where in a conversation you intentionally focus on applying the conversation skills you learned. You focus on improving.


Then, third, ask an associate to evaluate you. This is tough and challenging. Ask someone to evaluate your conversation skills. Talk to a secretary or another associate; just say, “Hey, I want to improve my conversation skills. Is there anything I’m doing now that is distracting? And how can I improve?” This will give you some good feedback and show you where you need to work on your conversation skills.


As you apply these tips, you will improve your business conversation skills. It will also allow you to confidently talk with anyone.


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