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How to End a Conversation

Break into any CliqueEver felt trapped in a conversation?
Mike was droning on and on. I had enjoyed the first 20 minutes of conversation because I used some tactics from the Conversation Success System to redirect the conversation to things I was interested in.
Now, I needed to leave and network with some other people. However, Mike had a full tank of conversation needs and could go on for hours.
How could I tactfully end the conversation? How could I leave without offending him? How could I escape?
I tried the “Praise and Exit”, I waited for an opening between stories and said:
Enjoyed learning about your trip. I need to catch up with some others. See you next time!
He acknowledged I said this and then launched into story #88.
Next, I gave him the end the conversation vibe. 
I turned away, looked away briefly, and took a step away.
He missed the cues. (As a side note. Always be watching your conversation partner and end the conversation if you see these vibes).
It was time to be firm.
Mike, I do appreciate talking with you (I had for the first 20 minutes), but I need to catch up with John. 
I shook his hand and made an exit towards John.
Usually the “Praise and Exit” is enough. But sometimes you have to be firm or you’ll be in prison for three hours.
Ending the conversation is an art just like starting a conversation. Both are covered in the Conversation Success System.
Master both and you’ll make friends and increase your chance of success in business and life.


World Series & Conversation Skills

baseball-in-grass-1395007-mI’m a Baseball fan…during the world series. And then only if I remember to turn on the TV.

Except this year. I’m glued to  the TV as I like the Royals.

You may or may not watch, but there is a powerful conversation tip to be learned from the World Series.
Players do well on the field because they have honed and practiced their skills.
Jamie had poor conversation skills. She craved improvement!
 I told her to take 5 minutes a day and practice smiling, using conversation starters, and having a listening face.
She did this in front of a mirror. Within a week her skills had completely changed.
No longer did she look bored.
No longer did she have a scowl.
No longer did she repel people.
Practicing a few minutes will hone your skills for the world series of life.
That’s why I include practical exercises in the Conversation Success System.

Do You Like You?

Break into any CliqueChris desperately wanted people to like him.Whenever he interacted with people, a little voice in his head would say “I hope they like me.”

Can you relate?

Most people naturally want others to like them. It can have a positive effect on us. This desire can help prevent us from doing stupid things to others.

Problem is that if you are desperate for people to like you…you can come across as desperate. 

A puppy desperate for others to like them.

A better way is to:

1. Learn to like yourself or be comfortable with who you are.
2. Put on behaviors and attitudes that you and others like.  

You need to like yourself.

Usually, people have two main areas they don’t like about themselves.

First, their looks. 

Second, their behaviors.

About everyone wishes they could change a few things about their body.

You can’t do much, but you can dress up your body and change your perception of yourself. Stop complaining to others about the things you don’t like about yourself.

Dress nice, use good hygiene, and walk with confidence. (Conversation Success System shows you how)

A clean 1999 Buick will look better than a 2014, dirty Cadillac. Same with yourself. 

Many people don’t like themselves because of their behaviors. Maybe it’s rudeness, awkwardness, shyness, etc.

Change your attitudes and behaviors and you’ll like yourself better and others will like you too.

More tomorrow on this subject.


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