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7 Ways to Repel People

city-people-at-sunset-1209081-mSuccess in business, life, and relationships hinges on people feeling comfortable around us and doing business with us.

Sure, there are exceptions. 

I know Frank whose hygiene and attitude stink, however, he owns a successful junk car yard. 

He’s the exception not rule.

Sometimes the first step in improving your success in relationships is to take out the trash. Dump the negative habits. Kick out the irritating behaviors.

Start with these 7.

#1. Cocky attitude / Stuck Up

My wife can’t stand being around people like this. This shows when a person thinks they better than everyone else. A critical error that will sabotage your relationships.

Don’t confuse this with confidence.

#2: Lack of eye-contact
Shows disinterest, though you may just be shy. Read the prior emails on how to have good eye-contact.

#3: Crowding personal space.

Everyone has a invisible border around them. Violate this and they feel uncomfortable. Keep your distance. 36 inches can be good. All depends on the circumstances. 

#4: Over talking

My friend claimed that he dated a girl who would not quit talking. He said he could put the phone down and 20 minutes later could pick it up and she would not know he had left.

Don’t have that reputation as people may barely tolerate you.

#5: Body odor.

Brush the teeth. Use breath mints. You know the drill. 

#6: Putting people down.

Harsh teasing. Put downs. Negative talk. This will crush your chances of long term success in your friendships.

#7: Bored look

George Bush lost votes in 1992 when he looked bored during the debates. Don’t make that mistake!

Avoid these and discover how to be a success with people by checking out the Conversation Success System

Confidence in Minutes


Break into any CliqueSarah was shy and bashful as a teenager. Now as a career professional, she has improved.

But shyness still engulfed her. Sometimes she felt like a puppet in the hands of shyness and low confidence.

She asked for advice on how to quickly improve her confidence.

I gave her two words.

Act Confident.

You see Sarah was acting shy.

– Avoided eye-contact 
– Would not initiate conversation 
– Unconfident posture. 
– Did not assert herself in conversation.

These behaviors were rooted in her shyness and self-esteem issues.

In 5 minutes I shared 5 ways for Sarah to act confident. These are laid out in the Conversation Success System.

During those 5 minutes I could see new confidence and power coming over her.

Feelings follow actions. Act confident and you will start to feel confident.

One week later Sarah was a changed person. She was confident and assertive.

She said, “I still have some shy feelings, but now I feel more confident. A coworker asked me what changed!”

Do you need more confidence?

Apply the two words and act confident (but not cocky).


Conversation Skills & Taking a Nap

sleeping-1094329-mDid you take a nap today?

It could be one of the easiest ways to improve your conversation skills.

Let me explain.

Tiredness leads to 

– irritability
– a wandering mind
– droopy eyes
– and wanting to avoid people.

All forbidden traits when it comes to being a success at conversation.

A short power nap can invigorate you…and you don’t even have to fall asleep.

Set an alarm for 10-20 minutes.

Take some deep breathes and start counting to 500…slowly.

You may drift off or you may not.

Either way you’ll feel better afterwards…once you have walked around some.

After the recharge keep using techniques from the Conversation Success System.

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