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Best Way to Start a Conversation

Tuesday, I walked into the bank to cash a check. And of course I had to wait in line. ARGH

Right behind me was an older gentleman, who looked friendly.

I decided to start a conversation using the CQ method. This method works on CEOs, five year olds, and when dating my now wife.

C = Comment

Q = Question

The conversation went like this:
Comment: Hi
Man: Hi
Question: What do you think of the weather?
Man: It’s cold and I’m concerned with pipes freezing.
Question: Pipes Freezing? (Notice I just repeated his phrase)
Man: Yea, they are on the north side of the house.
Comment: This was a concern of mine too….

With the CQ method you can talk with anyone. Just use good conversation questions as outlined in the Conversation Success System.
You may be thinking, why bother starting conversations with people? Good question. Saturday, I’ll share an amazing story of why.
In the meantime, question and comment!


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200 Pushups & Conversation Skills

What do conversation skills and 200 pushups have in common?

A lot.

Last Tuesday at 8:00 A.M. I flipped some music on and started doing pushups. Within minutes by biceps were burning, but I kept pushing on (pun intended).

3 months earlier I had a goal of doing 200 pushups in 40 minutes by January 1. For extra motivation, I made a bet with a friend and he promised a night out on the town if I reached it.

I trained about an hour a week. Too little, because at 150 pushups, my arms were on fire.

Failure was not an option!

At 8:38 a.m.

198, 199, 200!

I reached my goal!

An incredible feeling of confidence swept over me…and it’s still here 7 days later. Reaching a High goal = high confidence!

What I’ve noticed is that this confidence is oozing into every area of my life.

… I’ve been getting up an hour early each day.
… My conversation skills & Charisma have gone up a notch
… I’m enjoying life more and it’s boosted my mood

All from doing 200 pushups.

You don’t have to do 200 pushups. Accomplish a good goal and you’ll new confidence that will effect every area of life.

I’m thrilled with the results, so I am setting more goals and will be doing the 100 Day Challenge.

More confidence & results are just around the corner!

I talked to t

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Sprinkle this “Word” into Conversation & be Amazed

1364933_pizza_2[1]Ever get off on the wrong foot with someone?

Last night three friends and walked into the local pizza place. Stirring aromas increased hunger pains as we stepped in the bright foyer.

For two minutes we stood there listening to the clanging of pizza pans as we waited for the hostess.

Finally, she arrived.

“Party of four?” the young short pretty waitress asked.


“Follow Me.”

Moments later sticky copies of the menus were laying in front of us.

“Do you want me to be your waiter or would you rather have Anne?”

I was taken back a moment and asked, “Excuse me!”

She repeated the question and I was still not sure what she met as I do not know an Anne who worked their.

She looked mildly irritated.

“You’ll be fine.”, I said as a flashed a smile and she strode away.

Irritated waitress mean poor service. Happy waitress mean good service. This relationship was going downhill fast.

I reached for a strategy taught in the Conversation Success System and started sprinkling the magic word through out mini conversations whenever she walked over.

She instantly perked up. Throughout the evening I continue to use this word.

She was quite cheerful by the end of the meal.

What is the word?

The other person’s name.

“Sarah, we will have two large pizzas. Thanks Sarah.”

“Thanks for checking Sarah.”

“Sarah, we enjoyed our meal.”


People instantly perk up when you use their name. How did I find her name? I glanced at the nametag.

Start using people’s name throughout the conversation. They will like you more and enjoy the sound of this magic word.

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