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World Series & Conversation Skills

baseball-in-grass-1395007-mI’m a Baseball fan…during the world series. And then only if I remember to turn on the TV.

Except this year. I’m glued to  the TV as I like the Royals.

You may or may not watch, but there is a powerful conversation tip to be learned from the World Series.
Players do well on the field because they have honed and practiced their skills.
Jamie had poor conversation skills. She craved improvement!
 I told her to take 5 minutes a day and practice smiling, using conversation starters, and having a listening face.
She did this in front of a mirror. Within a week her skills had completely changed.
No longer did she look bored.
No longer did she have a scowl.
No longer did she repel people.
Practicing a few minutes will hone your skills for the world series of life.
That’s why I include practical exercises in the Conversation Success System.

Plane Crashes & Conversation Skills

airplane-1056260-mDo you enjoy flying? We do.

I feel safer zipping across the sky’s  than navigating the roads with texting drivers.

Experts say you are 19 times safer in a plane than driving.

Why the incredible safety record of planes?

Partly due to a check list.

A checklist is a list of steps or items that need to be done.

Before the flight, the pilot pulls out his folder and checks off to make sure the fuel is full, etc.

When something goes wrong, they pull out their checklist to find out how to fix it.

Think back to New York, five years ago. The Airbus 320 took off and then two geese rammed into their engines. The plane made an emergency landing in the Hudson river within three minutes. 

Checklists saved the day.

When the engines went out, the pilots followed a checklist to try to start them. The flight attendants followed a checklist to prepare for landing in the river. The evacuation followed the checklist.

Checklists are powerful!

As I was reading on the power of Checklists, I was reminded that the Conversation Success System is like a checklist.

It shows the steps to use when:

  • You greet someone
  • You need to make a friend
  • You need to exit a conversation
  • You need to leave a powerful impression
  • & much more.

Also, explains them in great detail.

Just the other day I was teaching a few teens some Conversation Skills. I told them the four steps to use when you meet someone. 

I had them practice on some adults in the room. The adults were amazed at the poise, confidence, and positive impression these teens left just by following this simple checklist.

Follow specific steps in conversation and your skills will rapidly improve!


Being clear in conversation is important. Many struggle with this in one way or another.

This next reader asks:

 “My English listening and speaking are very poor, could you please tell me how to improve English listening and speaking?”

How to Improve English Language Learning for Free

I feel your pain, as this can be challenging. Here are a few ideas that have helped many people.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Turn on the radio or TV and listen to a sentence from the speaker. Then repeat the sentence. Or maybe you can have an audio book CD and listen to a couple sentences and hit pause. Repeat out loud a couple times. There is also online audio. Doing this for about 20 minutes every day will help increase your English speaking ability.

If you know how to read English, read books out loud. I heard of one guy who came to the US and wanted to improve his English speaking. Every night he would read aloud from a book. This not only improved his English reading skills but also helped improve the clarity of what he was saying.

If you are ever unsure of how to say a word, just go to and listen to the word.

Practice tongue twisters from this  ESL website:

Take 30 minutes a day to practice this and you  will see an increase in your language skills.

Here are some free resources:

Learn English for Free with Online English Learning


How to Get Better English Skills with Inexpensive resources.

I did some research and found a couple English learning products that are relatively inexpensive. I have not tried them, but they do have a money back guarantee.


English Survival Kit

77 Tips to a Better English Using the Internet


Hope this helps. Like every thing else in life it comes down to practice, practice, practice.

Have a great Day,


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