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Sewing Machines and Conversation Skills

Recently, I made a crucial conversation mistake that ruined my first impression.

My friend and I were picking up some items from a nice neighborhood in a local town.

As I was loading the trailor, the neighbor lady walked out of the house carrying a sewing machine. I could tell her attitude was like dark thunderstorm clouds.

If you had been there, you would have heard:

Me: “Good afternoon.” (cheerfully)

Her: “Hi” (gruffly)

Me: “My mom has a sewing machine like that.” (cheerfully)

Her: (No answer and I could feel the hailstorms plummeting me from her cold shoulder).

Did you catch my mistake?

On a scale of 1 to 10, her attitude/mood was about a 2. I greeted her with an attitude/mood level of 8.

It made her even more upset.

Those of you who have invested in the Conversation Success System know the importance of matching other people’s moods.

When they are cheerful, greet them cheerfully. When they are feeling down, don’t be too cheerful. Match their mood and then slowly become more cheerful. You will help get them out of their bad mood.

By mismatching her mood, it irritated her further.

Did I lose any sleep over it? Nope!

But I did learn my lesson.

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How to Find Good Conversation Topics

Can you easily talk with anyone and leave a great impression? Using good conversation topics will empower you to make small talk and converse with anyone. You will leave a great impression.

An interesting topic is one you both are interested in. I may be really interested in football, but if my partner has not seen a game in three years, thats an awful topic.
Conversation Topics and Questions

Bring up great conversation topics and you will impress the other person and it will be easier to build the relationship. How does a person always know what to say? Use a few of these ideas

Conversation Topics from Current Events

Glance at the newspaper everyday. Look for interesting stories, opinions, or comments that you are interested in and would likely interest others.  When you see a unique story, make note of it and use it later.

I may say, "Did you see the story about the man who won the lottery twice? What would you do with all that money?"

The internet is full of good conversation topics. Read interesting stories. Glance at blogs. Do this and you will be up to date on whats happening. Often I'll look for interesting facts or tidbits of information that will be of interest to others in my next conversation.

Observe to see their reaction. If they are interested in the topic, keep chasing that topic. Otherwise, I’ll bring up another topic

Conversation Questions about their Life

Every person has one subject they usually enjoy talking about. It's themselves. Ask questions and show interest in their life. This is one key having good dating conversation topics. Show interest in your partner by asking various questions.

What do you think about….?“
What are some plans you have for the future?What do you like to do in your free time?
Steer the conversation towards topics of their life you are interested in. If you are bored to death with sports, don’t ask about their favorite teams.

Seek to avoid asking questions that are too personal. The other person may start to resent you as none of us want too personal of questions!

Ask Good Conversation Questions

One good conversation questions will start conversation and turn a boring conversation into interesting small talk.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

If you won Survivor, how would you spend the money?

If you can have any skill, which one would you get?

While some topics spark conversation, others will kill it faster than a cup of water on a candle. Here are a few topics to avoid.

Any Topic Where you Complain

Avoid blaming and being down on life. No one likes to be around a person where the glass is always half empty.Focus on the positive so you'll leave a good impression.

Uninteresting Topics

Watch your conversation partner. Are they interested? If not, better switch topics. What may be interesting to one, is not interesting to the next person.

Silent pauses will creep into your conversation. Stop them by using these conversation topics and you will leave a great impression! These work whether its a conversation on a date, coaching ESL, or advancing your career.

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