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Plane Crashes & Conversation Skills

airplane-1056260-mDo you enjoy flying? We do.

I feel safer zipping across the sky’s  than navigating the roads with texting drivers.

Experts say you are 19 times safer in a plane than driving.

Why the incredible safety record of planes?

Partly due to a check list.

A checklist is a list of steps or items that need to be done.

Before the flight, the pilot pulls out his folder and checks off to make sure the fuel is full, etc.

When something goes wrong, they pull out their checklist to find out how to fix it.

Think back to New York, five years ago. The Airbus 320 took off and then two geese rammed into their engines. The plane made an emergency landing in the Hudson river within three minutes. 

Checklists saved the day.

When the engines went out, the pilots followed a checklist to try to start them. The flight attendants followed a checklist to prepare for landing in the river. The evacuation followed the checklist.

Checklists are powerful!

As I was reading on the power of Checklists, I was reminded that the Conversation Success System is like a checklist.

It shows the steps to use when:

  • You greet someone
  • You need to make a friend
  • You need to exit a conversation
  • You need to leave a powerful impression
  • & much more.

Also, explains them in great detail.

Just the other day I was teaching a few teens some Conversation Skills. I told them the four steps to use when you meet someone. 

I had them practice on some adults in the room. The adults were amazed at the poise, confidence, and positive impression these teens left just by following this simple checklist.

Follow specific steps in conversation and your skills will rapidly improve!

How to Lose Friends and Irritate People

1395969_shattered_and_painted_glass_2[1]Who want to lose friends and irritate people? Evidently quite a few. Every day I see people engaged in poor conversation tactics which repel people.

Sadly, they are often unaware of it.

They may think other people are the problem when it is really them.

Do you do any of these?


  • Hog the conversation by talking all the time and looking mad when the other person tries to have a turn.


  • Look bored when the other person is talking.


  • Have closed body language with arms folded and a scowl painted across your face


  • Try to One-Up the other person by


  • Give one word answers and uninteresting answers


  • Argue every little point instead of seeking to find out why the other person thinks the way they do (Power tip).


  • Looking over your shoulder or scanning the room for someone else to talk to.


  • Continually checking your phone or texting.


  • Standing in the corner with your arms folded and expecting people to come talk to you.


  • Having a chip on your shoulder and a sour attitude

Replace these irritating habits and be a Success in Conversation with the Conversation Success System. 

Can you think of any more?

Sprinkle this “Word” into Conversation & be Amazed

1364933_pizza_2[1]Ever get off on the wrong foot with someone?

Last night three friends and walked into the local pizza place. Stirring aromas increased hunger pains as we stepped in the bright foyer.

For two minutes we stood there listening to the clanging of pizza pans as we waited for the hostess.

Finally, she arrived.

“Party of four?” the young short pretty waitress asked.


“Follow Me.”

Moments later sticky copies of the menus were laying in front of us.

“Do you want me to be your waiter or would you rather have Anne?”

I was taken back a moment and asked, “Excuse me!”

She repeated the question and I was still not sure what she met as I do not know an Anne who worked their.

She looked mildly irritated.

“You’ll be fine.”, I said as a flashed a smile and she strode away.

Irritated waitress mean poor service. Happy waitress mean good service. This relationship was going downhill fast.

I reached for a strategy taught in the Conversation Success System and started sprinkling the magic word through out mini conversations whenever she walked over.

She instantly perked up. Throughout the evening I continue to use this word.

She was quite cheerful by the end of the meal.

What is the word?

The other person’s name.

“Sarah, we will have two large pizzas. Thanks Sarah.”

“Thanks for checking Sarah.”

“Sarah, we enjoyed our meal.”


People instantly perk up when you use their name. How did I find her name? I glanced at the nametag.

Start using people’s name throughout the conversation. They will like you more and enjoy the sound of this magic word.

Learn more in the Conversation Success System

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