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Sewing Machines & Conversation Skills

sewing-machine-637814-mRecently, I made a crucial conversation mistake that ruined my first impression.

My friend and I were picking up some items from a nice neighborhood in a local town.

As I was loading the trailer, the neighbor lady walked out of the house carrying a sewing machine. I could tell her attitude was like dark thunderstorm clouds.

If you had been there, you would have heard:

Me: “Good afternoon.” (cheerfully)

Her: “Hi” (gruffly)

Me: “My mom has a sewing machine like that.” (cheerfully)

Her: (No answer and I could feel the hailstorms plummeting me from her cold shoulder).

Did you catch my mistake?

On a scale of 1 to 10, her attitude/mood was about a 2. I greeted her with an attitude/mood level of 8.

It made her even more upset.

Those of you who have invested in the Conversation Success System know the importance of matching other people’s moods.

When they are cheerful, greet them cheerfully. When they are feeling down, don’t be too cheerful. Match their mood and then slowly become more cheerful. You will help get them out of their bad mood.

By mismatching her mood, it irritated her further.

Did I lose any sleep over it? Nope!

But I did learn my lesson.

What to say after “Hi”

Break into any CliqueEver been in a conversation like this?

You: “Hi!”

Them: “Hello”

You: “How are you?”

Them: “Fine. How about you?”

You: “Great!”

…awkward silence.

Too many conversations start this way, flat line, and need CPR to bring them back.

This can lead to no second date, a negative first impression, and missed networking opportunity.

There is a better way.

Start your conversation strong and you’ll have a good conversation and leave a good impression.

After you say “Hi” or they say “Hi”, use a good question or comment to get the conversation flowing.

You: Hi

Them: Hello

You: That rain was nice

Them: Yes, it was.

You: Did it spoil your weekend plans?

Them: Yes. We were planning to camping, but went to a movie instead.

Now the conversation is flowing! You can keep flowing with more questions or using the Shask Technique.

Think of more phrases to use after “Hello” or receive a whole list in the Conversation Success System.

Don’t leave a negative impression or get mired in a conversation to nowhere. Use a comment and questions to have a dynamic conversation.


How to Help Others Remember Your Name

Do you miss people’s names when they introduce themselves?

Do people remember your name?

My wife and I went on a date to the Olive Garden a couple nights ago. We slid into our booth and buried our noses in the menu.

Within 2 minutes a tall, clean shaven young man walked up and said:


I missed his name. Was it my fault or his fault? His fault.

Here is the conversation tip that stood out to me and he should have used.

Pause before and after you say your name.

Mikey should have said this:

Hi, my name is…. …. Mikey …. What can I get you to drink?

In public speaking a pause signals an important point is coming and grabs attention. The same works when introducing yourself.

Try this and let me know how it works.

Have some fun and take your significant other out on a date. If you don’t have a significant other, brush up on your conversation skills.

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