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Brighten the Day of Others with Good Conversation Skills

Good Saturday Morning,

My young daughter is chowing down on a banana. When she finishes, she’ll be ready for some attention. 🙂 I’ll make this quick.

A week ago my wife, daughter and I headed into the local grocery store. Checking us out was a blond, medium height, young lady.

She looked sad. Her normally pretty face showed she had been through a rough day.

Checkout clerks have a challenging task. For 8+ hours they stand there, doing the same tasks, trying to be cheerful, and make others happy.

Evidently this clerk’s tank of gas had run out.

My wife and I immediately engaged her in conversation and laughed and joked with her using techniques from the 4 Conversation Tips of the Rich and Famous.

By the time we were done she was cheerful and we felt good because we had brightened her day.

Do you brighten the day of people around you? Or are you like a dark cloud that people see coming and seek to hide from.

Spread the joy through good conversation skills.

My daughter is calling,

Austin Barnes

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Barney and Conversation Skills

We did not have a TV in our house growing up. Instead, we watched it at Grandma’s house. (That’s what Grandma’s are for!)

Mr. Rodgers, Barney, Duck Tales, etc. They helped us learn to count and how to put a sweater on. 🙂

Now I still watch some TV, though I try to spend little time in front of the Time Vacuum.

There is one thing you can learn from TV– Conversation Skills.

Watch the characters interact.

  • They make Eye Contact.
  • Look like they are listening.
  • Respond with facial impressions
  • Have confidence

These actors are experts in carrying on conversations on TV. Learn from them and apply it every day.Your conversation skills will quickly improve.

Learn more tips in the Conversation Success System.

5 Conversation Starters that Work

Do you find it difficult to start a conversation with someone? Here are 5 conversation starters that work.

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