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Starting today, March 09, I plan to answer  readers questions every day for the next thirty days. Feel free to submit questions here:

Today’s question comes from Sam L.

I feel pretty shy around girls. There are times when I want to talk to them, but I’m not sure what to say. What conversation tips do you  have for me?”

Hello Sam,

Sorry to hear about your struggle. There are several moments in my life where I can remember being in your situation and was too shy to talk to a girl.

I do have some good news for you! Many guys have had the same struggles (many still do), but were able to break free and build meaningful relationships.

Here are some tips to starting conversations with Girls.

First, remember that the person you feel shy about talking to, is another human being also. They likely struggle with some shyness and would probably feel flattered if someone came up and talked to them. Don’t be intimated.

Second, Act confident. Put a smile on and have good posture.

Third, Start with a simple Hi. After Hi, ask a good question that will start a conversation. If you are at a party, ask, “What do you enjoy about the party.” Most questions will work.

Then Listen. Nod your head, ask questions, and show interest. If a guy listens, girls will enjoy talking with them.

There’s more, but start with this. Remember they are human, act confident and smile, and finally walk up, Say “Hi”, and ask a question.

Austin Barnes

Conversation Starters that Work

Every conversation starts with a converastion starter. Memorize these five and you will quickly improve your conversation skills.

Conversation Starters that Work

What is new with _________ (Say name)?

How are you enjoying the __________? (Event, etc)

What do you think about _______? (A recent event or something going on right now)? How is life going for you?

How do you know the host or how did you learn about this event?

Every situation is different, but start using these and improve your skills. For more conversation starters including the “2-Step” Conversation Starting technique, click here.

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