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Pizza & Conversation Skills

homemade-pizza-pie-1424503-mEver get off on the wrong foot with someone?

Last night three friends and I walked into the local pizza place. Stirring aromas increased hunger pains as we stepped in the bright foyer.

For two minutes we stood there listening to the clanging of pizza pans as we waited for the hostess.

Finally, she arrived.

“Party of four?” the young short pretty waitress asked.


“Follow Me.”

Moments later sticky copies of the menus were laying in front of us.

“Do you want me to be your waiter or would you rather have Anne?”

I was taken back a moment and asked, “Excuse me!”

She repeated the question and I was still not sure what she met as I do not know an Anne who worked their.

She looked mildly irritated.

“You’ll be fine.”, I said as I flashed a smile and she strode away.

Irritated waitress mean poor service. Happy waitress mean good service. This relationship was going downhill fast.

I reached for a strategy taught in the Conversation Success System and started sprinkling the magic word through out mini conversations whenever she walked over.

She instantly perked up. Throughout the evening I continue to use this word.

She was quite cheerful by the end of the meal.

What is the word?

The other person’s name.

“Sarah, we will have two large pizzas. Thanks Sarah.”

“Thanks for checking Sarah.”

“Sarah, we enjoyed our meal.”


People instantly perk up when you use their name. How did I find her name? I glanced at the nametag.

Start using people’s name throughout the conversation. They will like you more and enjoy the sound of this magic word.

Learn more in the Conversation Success System

Conversation Tips & Fries

Conversation Tips and Fries“Two Whopper Burgers and large fries”, I commanded the drive-thru speaker.

Five minutes later, I am navigating through traffic munching on fries and my wife is savoring the Whopper.

“How are the fries?” my pretty wife asked.

“Barely edible! They did not salt them!”

If the chef (I use the term loosely) had taken two seconds to salt the fries, it would have made a tasty vegetable (again used loosely) and a happy customer.

This applies to conversation skills.

A two second technique will make you look smart and sound smart. You’ll appear confident and charismatic.

97% of people do not apply this, but the few who do gain respect.

I call it the listening pause.

Pause for two seconds after the other person finishes talking.

You can even mentally count “1 and 2”.

Simple, yet powerful.

Applying the listening pause can have five benefits:

1. You stop interrupting others (which is in the same category as stealing food from another person’s plate).

2. You appear wise and smart.

3. You have time to formulate a reply

4. You will be considered great at conversation

5. You be the 3% who stand out from the crowd.

You may be thinking, “With some people, I’ll never get a word in!”


Apply a variation. Jump in during a pause and say something like, “Here is a thought…”

Pause for two seconds. You’ll still grab their attention. Try it and let me know how it works.

Learn more about this technique how to make friends and confidently talk to anyone in the Conversation Success System

3 Reasons why Some Have Poor Conversation Skills

It was painftalking-guys-1382970-m[1]ul.

Across the room Chris was in conversation with a pretty young lady. The slender lady looked uncomfortable, bored, and uninterested. That did not stop Chris. Chris continue to drone on and be a horrible conversation partner.

I felt sorry for the lady and a mixture of irritation/sympathy towards Chris. If only he knew a few good conversation techniques, he would have created a positive experience for the lady, instead of pain!

Chris was making one of the three common mistakes I see in coaching clients.

#1: Talking just about themselves…all the time

Do this and lose friends and irritate people. Salesman who talk about themselves to much will son starve. This mistake will often prevent a second date. A couple good questions some listening will prevent you from making this mistake.

2. Repelling Body Language

Cross your arms. Frown. Slouch your shoulders.

You’ll broadcast to others that you do not want to talk and you’ll bore others. To many people do this and wonder why no one wants to talk to them. Have a confident posture and smile with your body.

3. Talking too Little

Chris was saying too much, but you can also say too little.

Other person: How are you?

You: Fine

Other Person: What did you do this weekend?

You: Nothing

This will kill a conversation. At least give a sentence answer. Throw out some info that will keep the conversation going.

Too many people have poor conversation skills. Avoid these three behaviors and apply techniques from the Conversation Success System.

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