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An Overlooked Conversation Tip

1282502_magnifying_glass[1]Five days ago my wife and I were checking out in the grocery line. The blonde, mid 20’s clerk, was ringing up the bill.

Usually I strike up a conversation using techniques from the Conversation Success System.

Not that day.

I was in a bad mood. Some things had not gone as planned and I let it get to me. My bad mood was effecting my wife and the clerk.

Instead of encouraging the clerk, I was blatantly ignoring her and giving short, blunt answers. I was siphoning the joy out of her life.

Do you find that when you are in a bad mood it’s hard  to have good conversation?

As the green checkout total flew past $50, I realized my mistake.

I immediately applied PRESS from the Conversation Success System and immediately felt better. The clerk actually smiled and my wife enjoyed the new husband!

Here is today’s conversation tip:

Stay in a Good Mood for Good Conversation

How? PRESS is one. Here are a couple more:

Get moving several minutes every day.

This morning I jogged for a 1/2 mile in the Kansas breeze. Invigorating! Exercise is the magic bullet to feeling better.

Drink 8 cups of water a day

Cut back on the black poisons of sugar filled drinks.

Have a high protein breakfast

Amazing what this will do.

Focus on the good things in your life

Focus on the negative and you’ll feel negative. Focus on the positive and you’ll feel positive.

Find out more instant mood boosters in the Conversation Success System

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A Conversation Tip from the Doctor

Does your doctor have good conversation skills?

A few hours ago, we were at the doctors office. The short, blonde, pretty face doctor was talking about our upcoming birth. Yes, we are four weeks away from our second child being born!

She used a conversation technique which very few people use, though I teach it in How to Start Conversations & Confidently Talk with Anyone

She paused for a few seconds after I or my wife finished speaking or asking a question before she answered.

There are three benefits when you use this technique:

1. You have time to formulate a good answer.
2. You sound smarter because of this pause. Seriously!
3. You avoid interrupting and thus leave a great impression.

Try this with your next conversation and experience the benefits.

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