We have a cat we’ll call Mr. X. My wife is a little embarrassed by his real name, so we’ll just refer to him as Mr. X.
If Mr. X was human, he would be horrible at conversation skills.
In fact he makes three critical mistakes that sabotage conversations and relationships.
1. He does not listen.
2. He thinks he is better than us.
3. He is always thinking what he can take from us.
For an example, just last night I calmly told him to leave a room. He did not acknowledge or even at me. Try that with your boss and see how soon you get the pink slip.
It does not stop there.  He acts stuck up and only spends time with us if we give him something he wants–food or a back rub.
It is not just cats that act this way.
During the last week, I have seen many people act just like Mr. X and makes these same conversation mistakes.
Don’t be one of them. Great conversation skills can lead to better relationships, more friends, and business success, if you don’t act like Mr. X.

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