It seems like the actor Charlie Sheen pops up on TV more than a Geico commercial.

Sure, his role in Two and Half Men has given some popularity. The real boost came with his antics over the past several months.

Personally, I am a little tired of all the media attention. Are you?

However ,there are two good conversation tips to learn from him.

#1: Act like a jerk and you’ll gain a following and ruin important relationships.

Want publicity? Insult your employers. Tear up a hotel room and get the police involved. Hold a world wide partially drunk broadcast.

Sure, your twitter following will explode and millions may want your autograph.

Acting like a jerk, especially in the public eye, can gain short term benefits.

But at a price.

Acting like a jerk aliens friends and can sabotage your career.

Exhibit A: Charlie Sheen

Divorce and getting fired from a job that payed 1.9 million per weekly episode!

A good thing to learn is…

#2: Don’t be boring.

Be boring and you won’t leave a positive impression. You won’t stand out. You won’t gain traction in your business, social, or dating life.

People who talk 99% of the time and are don’t express their unique personalities can be boring. Don’t be like them.

Charlie Sheen is not boring. Humor, uniqueness, and having charisma will eradicate boredom.

Is it possible to not be boring and not act like a jerk?

Of course!

In the Conversation Success System you’ll learn how to successfully engage in conversations and not be boring.

Join me in not acting like a jerk and avoid being boring. (Though my wife says I act like a jerk sometimes 🙂 )

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