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Discover Conversation Secrets with 7 Audio Lessons

Audio #1: Two Keys to Leaving a Great Impression

First impressions are extremely important. They can make or break a date, sale, or even a friendship. Learn two keys to leaving a great impression. Discover what you should not do!

Audio #2: Listen Up!: The Secret Few Know and Apply

Have you ever had people say to you, “Great talking with you. Enjoyed our conversation.”
Happens all the time when you use this secret.

Audio #3: The Secret to Keeping a Conversation Flowing

As a shy teenager I was table to talk for 30 minutes with complete strangers with this technique.

Audio #4: 5 Ways to be Boring

Have you ever talked with a really boring person? Have you ever been boring? I sure have. Here are 5 ways to bore your conversation partner and what to do to avoid boring them.

Audio #5: Conversation Skills and Puppies

Cute puppies teach us several important lessons on conversation skills.

Audio #6: The Golden Rule of Conversation Skills

Ignore this and you’ll be a conversation failure.

Audio #7: How to Be Less Irritating

I know a guy named Fred. Fred irritates everyone, despite the fact he has decent conversation skills. Don’t make his mistake.

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