iron-gear-wheels-1405337-mTrust you had a good labor day weekend. 

We spent some time with family and dejunking the house.

Two SUV loads of stuff was carted to the Goodwill. 


I never have to stumble over that stuff again!

The pro’s say you should ask one question when dejunking

Does this enhance my life?

Great question which helps motivate us to dump the junk we have a love affair with.

This applies to conversation skills.

Our skills are made up of dozens of mannerisms, body language, words, patterns, etc. Some of these enhance our interactions with others and others detract.

My friend says “UM” about every sentence. That is junk that needs to be jettisoned.

Someone else talks for 20 minutes at a time without coming up for air. That habit should have been in the dumpster, yesterday.

Analyze yourself. What junk habits do you need to cart out of your life? You can get some Ideas in the Conversation Success System.

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