Have you ever felt intimidated by someone?
I am not talking about a bully with large biceps and a mean scowl.

When I coach individuals, I’ll find that many feel intimated or uncomfortable around individuals who are more successful or popular:

It could be:
– Their manager
– A celebrity
– Someone they are romantically attracted to.

– A company owner or wealthy person

– Etc
How about you? Do these types intimate you?
Do you feel at a loss as to how to talk with them?
If so, remember this line from Larry King.
“Everyone puts their pants on in the morning one leg at a time.”
In other words, we are 90%+ alike. Every person deals with the same basic human emotions. No matter what your position in life, we all have to get dressed, wash our face, and deal with life’s details.
Recognize the other person is just like us in many ways. Then you can have a great conversation. Especially if you use the tips from the Conversation Success System

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