A few weeks ago I was standing in line at the gas station with a hot drink.
In the door walks a bald headed man who seemed to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal. He cut in line and wanted to be taken care of first.
The pretty clerk objected. He then commits a crime. A crime that may not get prosecuted, but will impact one person for the rest of their life.
He loudly said to the clerk, “You have a fat ***. If you were not so fat, you would be able to help people faster.
Her face dropped as she immediately received emotional scar that will stay with her.
You and I have probably not done something that outrageous.
However, do you make fun of people? Do you say mean words to your spouse, kids, or coworkers? Do you put others down?
Our words can instantly deflate a person and suck the emotional energy out of them.  We’ve been the receiver and the giver.
Psychologists say it takes 5 positive compliments to make up for one negative compliment.
Consider most people rarely hear a positive statement, it could take awhile before they recover.
Extremely hurtful words that were slung around at the gas station. It will take time and an apology to heal.
Here’s the lesson. Don’t put people down. Apologize when you do. Look for ways to pick people up.
Back to the gas station…
Customers came to the ladies defense and the police were also called. Not sure if the guy was arrested, but his words will sting forever to this one girl.

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