Break into any CliqueEver felt trapped in a conversation?
Mike was droning on and on. I had enjoyed the first 20 minutes of conversation because I used some tactics from the Conversation Success System to redirect the conversation to things I was interested in.
Now, I needed to leave and network with some other people. However, Mike had a full tank of conversation needs and could go on for hours.
How could I tactfully end the conversation? How could I leave without offending him? How could I escape?
I tried the “Praise and Exit”, I waited for an opening between stories and said:
Enjoyed learning about your trip. I need to catch up with some others. See you next time!
He acknowledged I said this and then launched into story #88.
Next, I gave him the end the conversation vibe. 
I turned away, looked away briefly, and took a step away.
He missed the cues. (As a side note. Always be watching your conversation partner and end the conversation if you see these vibes).
It was time to be firm.
Mike, I do appreciate talking with you (I had for the first 20 minutes), but I need to catch up with John. 
I shook his hand and made an exit towards John.
Usually the “Praise and Exit” is enough. But sometimes you have to be firm or you’ll be in prison for three hours.
Ending the conversation is an art just like starting a conversation. Both are covered in the Conversation Success System.
Master both and you’ll make friends and increase your chance of success in business and life.


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