Nervousness and shyness started to take control. I had just entered a room full of 30 people. They were all strangers and I was stuck for the two hours.

I was still in high-school and had not learned the principles in Instant Conversation Skills. I was unsure of how to work the room and start conversations.

Two hours of discomfort stared at me.  I could either bear it or have fun. I decided to apply the following technique:

Role model a confident person.

My friend Jerry flashed into my mind. Jerry was well liked and people took notice when he entered a room. I thought how he acted when we was in groups.

I asked myself, “How would Jerry act in this situation?”

After reflecting a few moments, I did the following:

  • I stood up straight with good posture.
  • I started making eye contact with people around me.
  • I smiled.

Immediately, I felt more confident. Still nervous, but much more confident. I took it one step further by approaching a person and saying, “Hi. How are you enjoying the party?”

They replied back!

For the rest of the night I role modeled Jerry and felt more confident.

Next time you are meeting a client, going on a date, or at an event, role model a confident person. You’ll quickly feel more confident and look confident also.

I have used this to be successful in sales, have a great time dating my wife (still do), and to make friends and contacts. Try it and let me know how it works.

(C) Austin Barnes. Creator of the Conversation Success System



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