Better conversation skills mean more friends, better chance at success in business and also more fun at parties. But, how can a person improve their conversation skills quickly? The following three tips will be helpful.

How to Improve Conversation Skills Quickly

First, you need to practice. Yes, practice. Practicing conversation skills is pretty easy. There are people all around us. When you’re at the grocery store, greet the clerk. When you’re in an elevator, say hello to the other person. Practice with your family, practice with your co-workers.

But before you practice, you need to apply tip number two, and that is to smile. If you just smile that is going to make you feel more warm and welcoming. Smiling does two things for a person. First, smiling makes you feel happier, and scientific studies have shown that. Second, smiling makes other people want to talk to you. So just by smiling, you will improve your conversations quickly and it will help you talk with other people.

Third tip is to read up on how to have great conversation skills. Being good at conversation is a learned art. And there are many great books and internet sites that will show you how to do that. Do some research, even spend some money, and you will find that your conversation skills will increase, and increase very quickly.

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