Social conversation skills are important for everyone. It will make a person more successful at dating, at work, or in family. Every person can get better conversation skills and social skills. Here are three tips to help.

3 Tips for Improving Conversation Skills

First, be nice. This is very fundamental. If you just be nice to people or treat people how you want them to treat you, then you will have improved your social skills. It’s like the old quote: if you want to make a great friend then you have to be a great friend. So, the first tip is to be nice.

The second tip is to show interest in people. What that means is that when you’re talking with someone, you show interest in their life and what they are saying. Now, so often we like to do the opposite, we want to only talk about ourselves. But no, if we use conversation starter questions and show interest they are going to enjoy us and that is going to improve our social skills.

The third tip is that you need to listen. And how do we listen? Well, you look at the person, you nod in agreement that you’re listening, make some comments. And listening will make you great at conversation. You will have mastered the art of conversation and of small talk that matter also.

Recently, I shared these three tips with an individual and they started applying them. What happened was they were able to confidently talk with about anyone. And their social conversation skills improved greatly at the same time.

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