1395969_shattered_and_painted_glass_2[1]Who want to lose friends and irritate people? Evidently quite a few. Every day I see people engaged in poor conversation tactics which repel people.

Sadly, they are often unaware of it.

They may think other people are the problem when it is really them.

Do you do any of these?


  • Hog the conversation by talking all the time and looking mad when the other person tries to have a turn.


  • Look bored when the other person is talking.


  • Have closed body language with arms folded and a scowl painted across your face


  • Try to One-Up the other person by


  • Give one word answers and uninteresting answers


  • Argue every little point instead of seeking to find out why the other person thinks the way they do (Power tip).


  • Looking over your shoulder or scanning the room for someone else to talk to.


  • Continually checking your phone or texting.


  • Standing in the corner with your arms folded and expecting people to come talk to you.


  • Having a chip on your shoulder and a sour attitude

Replace these irritating habits and be a Success in Conversation with the Conversation Success System. 

Can you think of any more?

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