Mike was able to make friends fast. This led to more popularity, respect ant work and career success. What was his secret?

Mike applied three tips to making friends. You can use these tips or help others including children make more friends.

Tip #1: Be friendly.

You can’t make friends if you act like a jerk. Yes, there are exceptions, but you want to be a person that others enjoy being around.

Be kind, don’t backstab, and improve your conversation skills. Showing interest and listening will help you be friendly.

I learned very quickly that I could sell more if I made friends with customers. I would show interest, listen, and be friendly. Not only did I build good relationships, but my sales went up.

Tip #2: Be yourself

My friend men a guy online. They started the relationship and it was going very smoothly. Then they met and she found that the guy was not who he said he was. Because he put on a front, a friendship started but could not continue.

If you try to make friends online, be yourself and hope they are being themselves.

We do want to put our best foot forward, but don’t deceive others.

Tip #3: Find connections

Friendships are based finding and doing things in common. Find things in common with your co-workers, customers, school friends.
Several months ago I met Brad at a conference we got to talking. Using good conversations skills we had a great conversation.

During the conversation I discovered he was interested in the following:
–    Local Football team
–    Accounting
–    Starting his own business.

Two of our interests cross. I like following the local football team and enjoy starting and maintaining a small business. We launched into a long conversation about both of these. This is the start of a friendship/relationship

As you relate with people, ask questions, find connections, and build friendship.

Back to Mike. Mike makes friends and is popular because he is friendly. He acts himself and is confident with who he is. Lastly, he seeks to build connections with people he meets.

Learn from Mike and you will be able to make friends and be more popular.

(C) Austin Barnes. Instant Conversation Success.


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