It’s 4:00 in the afternoon and I am standing near the front of the retail store where I worked in college.

The door rings as it opens. Two men stride one. One tall and other short and stout. They looked to be in a rotten mood. In fact I would have preferred to push a button and be whisked away.

Since these buttons have not been invented yet, I approached the tall one.

I cheerfully said, “Hello Sir, how can I help you?”

He paused. Made eye contact and said, “What are you so happy about?”

I froze and realized I made a mistake that could ruined any chance of conversation success.

Here is the Rule:

Match the mood of the other person.

If you are feeling great, do you enjoy it when a person has an attitude that rains on your parade?

Or if you are feeling a little depressed do you want to talk to someone who is on top of the world?

No, its downright irritating. The answer is to match the mood of other person as described in the Conversation Success System.

Back to the fateful day.

I was taken back and said in a calm sympathetic voice, “Things are going well. How can I help you.”

By matching Their mood I was able to salvage the conversation.

Today, match the mood of the people you talk with.

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