Many people want to improve their conversation skills and along with that they want to know how to start a conversation and make friends

. Both of those are not too hard if a person learns how to do it, and once they have this ability they will be able to confidently talk with people, make friends and increase their popularity. Starting conversations basically comes down to approaching the person and using a conversation starter.

Recently, I was at an event. I walked up to someone, a complete stranger, and said “hi.” That was my conversation starter, and then I asked a question, “What are you enjoying about this event?” That got the conversation going.

How about making friends? Making friends comes down to two things. First, you need to spend time with people and second, find things that you have in common. I have friends where our friendship is based on politics; others, our friendship is based around sports; and others where our friendship is based on the fact that we can talk about anything – we have a real close relationship.

So if you want to make friends, you have to spend time with people, but also find things that you have in common. Using these tactics you will quickly be able to start conversations and make friends.


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