There are guys who have great conversation skills, but when it comes time to talk with a girl, they freeze; they’re not sure what to say. Sound familiar? Well, this article will talk about how to talk to a girl. When talking with a girl, or thinking about talking with a girl, remember the following technique – I call it the spotlight technique.

Think or imagine that you have a spotlight. And in the conversation you can shine that spotlight on yourself or on the other person. When I am asking a question, and listening, I’m shining the spotlight on the other person. However, if I’m just talking about myself, and ignoring the other person, then the spotlight is shined on me.

The secret to talking with a girl is to keep the spotlight shined on them. Girls love to talk and they love to converse with a guy who is listening. So, what you want to do is ask questions about the girl and show genuine interest. Be genuinely interested in what she has to say and what’s going on in her life. Learning some conversation starters will help here.

Recently, I was talking with a girl. I said, “Hello. What’s new with you?” She shared a few things about her life and I asked some questions. The whole conversation went well because I was shining the spotlight on her. Now, here’s something to remember: though we already keep the spotlight shining on the other person, we need to shine it back on ourselves from time to time. When they ask a question, we need to make a comment, we need to talk also.

So don’t always keep the spotlight on them, bring it back to yourself when they ask a question about you and answer the question. But as you remember this, shine it on them, ask questions, and listen your conversation skills will improve and you will be able to talk with a girl more confidently.

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