1263259_button[1]“Two Whopper Burgers and large fries”, I commanded the drive-thru speaker.

Five minutes later I am navigating through traffic munching on fries and my wife is savoring the Whopper.

“How are the fries?” my pretty wife asked.

“Barely edible! They did not salt them!”

If the chef (I use the term loosely) had taken two seconds to salt the fries, it would have made a tasty vegetable (again used loosely) and a happy customer.

This applies to conversation skills.

A two second technique will make you look smart and sound smart. You’ll appear confident and charismatic.

97% of people do not apply this, but the few who do gain respect.

I call it the listening pause.

Pause for two seconds after the other person finishes talking.

You can even mentally count “1 and 2”.

Simple, yet powerful

Applying the listening pause can have five benefits:

1. You stop interrupting others (which is ranks up their with stealing food from another person’s plate).

2. You appear wise and smart.

3. You have time to formulate a reply

4. You will be considered great at conversation

5. You be the 3% who stand out from the crowd.

You may be thinking, “With some people, I’ll never get a word in!”


Apply a variation. Jump in during a pause and say something like, “Here is a thought…”

Pause for two seconds. You’ll still grab their attention. Try it and let me know how it works.

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