How to Make Good Eye Contact

People with Charisma and great people skills know how to use the power of their eyes. Here are some secrets to good eye contact.

Key #1: Note the eye color when you meet someone.

Bill Clinton and other Charismatic leaders have tremendous eye contact ,but is not overpowering. One way to mimic this is to note  a persons eye color when you meet them.

Don’t say it out-loud, but make a mental note. This will compel you have to notice their eyes.

Key #2: Move your eyes around the facial triangle.

“He stares at me blankly.”

Don’t fall prey to this bad habit. Sometimes, some hold a steady gaze but there eyes glaze over.

Instead continually sweep your eyes between the eyebrows, sides of the eyes, and the nose. This will make it easier for you to have eye contact and will keep your eyes from becoming glazed over.

Key #3: When you look away, don’t look down, look sideways.

Don’t stare at someone throughout the conversation. Look away at times.

You have three options when looking away:

1. Look up.

2. Look down and away.

3. Look sideways.

If you look down, you may communicate that you feel inferior to the person. Look up and you are superior.

Glance sideways and you are equal.

Seek to make eye contact around 75% of the time.

Follow these keys and you will make good eye contact.