963932_thumbs_up[2]Sarah was shy and bashful as a teenager. Now as a career professional, she was much improved.

But shyness still engulfed her. Sometimes she felt like a puppet in the hands of shyness and low confidence.

She asked for advice on how to quickly improve her confidence.

I gave her two words.

Act Confident.

You see Sarah was acting shy.

– Avoided eye-contact
– Would not initiate conversation
– Unconfident posture.
– Did not assert herself in conversation.

These behaviors were rooted in her shyness and self-esteem issues.

In 5 minutes I shared 5 ways for Sarah to act confident. These are laid out in the Conversation Success System.

During those 5 minutes I could see new confidence and power coming over her.

Feelings follow actions. Act confident and you will start to feel confident.

One week later Sarah was a changed person. She was confident and assertive.

She said, "I still have some shy feelings, but now I feel more confident. A coworker asked me what changed!"

Do you need more confidence?

Apply the two words and act confident (but not cocky).

Austin Barnes

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