Hi Friend,
I had a flashback 45 minutes ago.
My wife and I were glued to the season finale of one of our favorite shows. During a commercial for an upcoming movie, I saw Mr. J.
Mr J. is a movie actor who powerfully influenced my conversation skills
Back in high school, I saw a movie with Mr. J. He had tremendous poise, radiated confidence, and had powerful conversation skills.
A week later
I was at a social event and feeling a little shy. An idea flashed into my mind.
How would Mr. J act in this situation? What if I was Mr J?
Immediately, I modeled Mr. J.'s confidence and conversation skills.  Within seconds I felt a surge of confidence and my whole manner changed in a positive way. I was able to actively engage people in conversation.
Now I teach my students to use this powerful modeling technique and explain more in Instant Conversation Skills.
Try this next time you need some confidence. Model a confident person who is great at conversation.
Have a great evening,
Austin Barnes – Creator of "Instant Conversation Success" Improve your Conversation Skills in One Hour.


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