Conversation Skills and Liking Yourself

friends-1338873-mYou can like yourself and be more likeable to others.  Do this and your conversation skills will smash barriers and reach new heights.

Here is a game-plan to get you started.

To review yesterday, you need to act and have an attitude that you like and others like.

Too many people complain about their lack of natural talent or lack of looks. Listen! Your actions and attitudes are far more important that natural talent or looks.

Some of the most talented and good looking people on the planet are lonely and are bumbling conversation idiots. A snobbish attitude is like spraying on skunk smell and walking around.

Maximize your looks

Shave. Wash. Comb. Dress in style. Dress neatly. Carry yourself with confidence.

My now wife first caught my eye because she walked with poise and confidence. 

Have likeable actions
Some behaviors encourage others to like us and other actions repel people. Develop good conversation skills and behaviors. You’ll feel confident and likeable and others will see you as such.

Have a likeable attitude

One of the first keys in the Conversation Success System teaches you how to have a likeable and confident attitude. Many have just started using that key and seen tremendous results.

You can be more likeable. You can like yourself. Take action now and you’ll rewrite your future.

Do You Like You?

Break into any CliqueChris desperately wanted people to like him.Whenever he interacted with people, a little voice in his head would say “I hope they like me.”

Can you relate?

Most people naturally want others to like them. It can have a positive effect on us. This desire can help prevent us from doing stupid things to others.

Problem is that if you are desperate for people to like you…you can come across as desperate. 

A puppy desperate for others to like them.

A better way is to:

1. Learn to like yourself or be comfortable with who you are.
2. Put on behaviors and attitudes that you and others like.  

You need to like yourself.

Usually, people have two main areas they don’t like about themselves.

First, their looks. 

Second, their behaviors.

About everyone wishes they could change a few things about their body.

You can’t do much, but you can dress up your body and change your perception of yourself. Stop complaining to others about the things you don’t like about yourself.

Dress nice, use good hygiene, and walk with confidence. (Conversation Success System shows you how)

A clean 1999 Buick will look better than a 2014, dirty Cadillac. Same with yourself. 

Many people don’t like themselves because of their behaviors. Maybe it’s rudeness, awkwardness, shyness, etc.

Change your attitudes and behaviors and you’ll like yourself better and others will like you too.

More tomorrow on this subject.


7 Ways to Repel People

city-people-at-sunset-1209081-mSuccess in business, life, and relationships hinges on people feeling comfortable around us and doing business with us.

Sure, there are exceptions. 

I know Frank whose hygiene and attitude stink, however, he owns a successful junk car yard. 

He’s the exception not rule.

Sometimes the first step in improving your success in relationships is to take out the trash. Dump the negative habits. Kick out the irritating behaviors.

Start with these 7.

#1. Cocky attitude / Stuck Up

My wife can’t stand being around people like this. This shows when a person thinks they better than everyone else. A critical error that will sabotage your relationships.

Don’t confuse this with confidence.

#2: Lack of eye-contact
Shows disinterest, though you may just be shy. Read the prior emails on how to have good eye-contact.

#3: Crowding personal space.

Everyone has a invisible border around them. Violate this and they feel uncomfortable. Keep your distance. 36 inches can be good. All depends on the circumstances. 

#4: Over talking

My friend claimed that he dated a girl who would not quit talking. He said he could put the phone down and 20 minutes later could pick it up and she would not know he had left.

Don’t have that reputation as people may barely tolerate you.

#5: Body odor.

Brush the teeth. Use breath mints. You know the drill. 

#6: Putting people down.

Harsh teasing. Put downs. Negative talk. This will crush your chances of long term success in your friendships.

#7: Bored look

George Bush lost votes in 1992 when he looked bored during the debates. Don’t make that mistake!

Avoid these and discover how to be a success with people by checking out the Conversation Success System

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