Do you sometimes feel a little shy when it comes to talking to people or carrying on a conversation? This article is going to share with you on how to talk to people. There are three tips on how to improve your communication skills in this area.

The first tip is to smile. When you smile, it makes you more welcoming to people. And also, people want to talk to people who smile. So first, you want to smile.

Second, is to ask questions. By asking questions, you are showing interest in the other person. A person who asks questions is going to have great social skills. They will improve their conversation skills. I have helped people take their conversation skills to the next level, simply by showing them how to ask good questions.

The final tip is to listen. If you are a good listener, it will be very easy for you to talk to people. The people who are greatest at conversation know how to ask questions and how to listen. Show you’re listening, nod your head, ask questions, and make a few comments. As you do this, you’ll find that it is very easy to talk with people.

So, again, how do we talk with people? Well, it’s pretty simple: smile, ask questions and listen. Doing this will improve your social skills and you will have fun talking with people, whether it’s a guy, girl, coworkers, or anyone.

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl

Starting a conversation with a girl can be a somewhat difficult task, especially if that person is a girl whom you either like or feel uncomfortable around. This article is about how to start a conversation with a girl. There are three simple steps that make beginning a conversation easy.

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl

First, you need to approach the girl. Now depending on your shyness level, that may be difficult. Just do it…very simple. After you approach the girl, you want to start the conversation by saying something. And one of the best words to say when starting a conversation is “hi.” You could even say, “Hi, my name is -,” and state your name. Now that you have approached the girl and said hello, you have done the hard part and on your way to a conversation with the girl.

Next, you need to ask a question. Well, you might be wondering, “What question do I ask?” Pretty much anything will do, but here are a couple good ones: If you are at a party, you could ask, “How do you know the host?” or “What do you enjoy about the party?” Any of these questions will start the conversation.

So to review, if you want to start a conversation with a girl, it’s not that hard. Just approach them, say hi, and then ask a question to get the conversation going.

Shyness: How to Overcome Shyness – Day 7


We are on day 7 of our "Your Conversations Answered" marathon. Shyness is something I have struggled with and most of the population does the same.

Here is a readers Question on shyness:

I struggle with shyness. What can I do to overcome it.

Three tips will help you in overcoming shyness.

Tip #1: Shyness is like a reverse craving. A normal craving has you strongly desiring to do something. Shyness is a strong desire or pull not to do something. Namely get out and visit with people and make friends. You need to learn to overcome this pull. It will likely be there in some form for most of your life, however, you can learn how to reduce it and overcome.,

Tip #2: Learn some good conversation skills. In my course I teach 5 secrets that will turbo charge a person’s social skills. Learn practical stragedies like this and you know how to be great at conversation.

Tip #3: Practice, Practice, Practice. Greet the clerk at the store. Go out of your way to say hello to people. Strike up a conversation. Don’t let shyness hold you back! Just do it and your shyness will decrease-guaranteed!


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