One simple conversation technique will guarantee you have plenty of conversation topics in any conversation.

Thursday night was the highlight of our week. My wife and I hung out with another married couple. We are great friends and always have a blast.

Over chips & chocolate, we laughed, discussed, and deepened our friendship. There was never a dull moment. Partly because they have great conversation skills and partly because of the powerful conversation technique.

On the way to their house, my wife and I thought of 5 experiences we could share from our life and then about 5 questions to ask them. We were prepared. Whenever the conversation started to wain, we asked the question or brought up our experience.

It worked beautifully.

The conversation flowed smoothly and we strengthened our relationships.

I use this technique all the time. Worked great on dates when I was single. Makes me look and sound professional during business appointments.

Don’t go into conversation unprepared. Think up several questions and conversation topics. You can use the FORTH technique from the Conversation Success System.

Have a Great Weekend,

Austin Barnes


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