plaid-shirt-1166213-m“You look amazing!” My then girlfriend, now wife, told me.
Earlier I had dropped some items off at a local thrift/second hand store. As I was walking out, a blue, silk shirt caught my attention.
5 Minutes later and $3 less rich I was the owner.
Over the next three years, people gave me dozens of compliments about the shirt.
Every morning as I chose which shirt to wear, I knew that choosing the blue shirt would bring me lots of compliments.
You and I choose our clothes to wear, but we can also choose our attitude.
Our attitude is more noticeable than our clothes and cologne.
Most would never intentionally go to work or school with stinky clothes or a mismatched outfit.
However, many have no problem walking around all day with a filthy attitude.
An attitude that…..
– Repels people
– Ruins the days of others
– Makes them and others depressed.
Clothe yourself with attitudes that attract people, make others happy, build relationships, and help make you a success.
Choose to clothe yourself with thankfulness and gratitude.
Pepper “Thank You” in your conversations. Tell someone, “I really appreciate how you…”
Look at the positives of life and be thankful.
As you dress up with this attitude you’ll be more like able and will brighten the lives of people around you.
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Where is the shirt now? After years of use and many compliments, I took it back to the same store so they could sell it again to the next lucky person.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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