poppy-girls-1086912-mSarah was popular in High School. She rapidly climbed the corporate ladder.  A social magnet at networking events. She found the love of her life.
Why? What made her different than the dozens of others who floundered in High school and washed out in the business world?
Was it looks? Not necessarily.
Was it good conversation skills?
She used many of the techniques taught in the Conversation Success System.
Her success could be traced back to one quality. Something her dad instilled in her.
A tactic she used 24/7.
The same quality that anyone can start applying in less than 30 seconds.  Apply it and people instantly will take notice.
Here it is.
Be Cheerful.
Sarah was cheerful all the time.
Cheerful is “noticeably happy and optimistic.”
Who wants to be around a sad, unhappy, pessimistic person? Sad, unhappy, pessimistic people.
Put on a cheerful attitude. Be optimistic and you’ll instantly shine!
You’ll be a light in a world of pessimism and unfriendly people.
Try it.
Though cheerfulness is powerful, it needs to be used wisely or it can irritate people. This minor risk pales in comparison to the power of cheerfulness.
Put on a cheerful attitude.
You’ll learn how to use it wisely so as not to irritate others. Or you can learn how in the Conversation Success System.
Sarah chose to be cheerful and it changed her life. Will you?

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