We are on day 7 of our "Your Conversations Answered" marathon. Shyness is something I have struggled with and most of the population does the same.

Here is a readers Question on shyness:

I struggle with shyness. What can I do to overcome it.

Three tips will help you in overcoming shyness.

Tip #1: Shyness is like a reverse craving. A normal craving has you strongly desiring to do something. Shyness is a strong desire or pull not to do something. Namely get out and visit with people and make friends. You need to learn to overcome this pull. It will likely be there in some form for most of your life, however, you can learn how to reduce it and overcome.,

Tip #2: Learn some good conversation skills. In my course I teach 5 secrets that will turbo charge a person’s social skills. Learn practical stragedies like this and you know how to be great at conversation.

Tip #3: Practice, Practice, Practice. Greet the clerk at the store. Go out of your way to say hello to people. Strike up a conversation. Don’t let shyness hold you back! Just do it and your shyness will decrease-guaranteed!


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