We all have to deal with the unfriendly person. This reader is wondering:

I am very nervous when talk with the unfriendly person, especially, when I know that he or she is not like me. i want to talk frankly, but, they don’t. How can I do this?

The simple answer is… talk to them like you would anyone else. I know this is difficult, but being great at conversation comes down to focusing on showing interest, having a good attitude, and listening.

Focus on these things and keep the conversation flowing. However, if they are really unfriendly, just consider leaving the conversation.

Here is one more idea. Match their mood. If a person is in a depressed mood, don’t at cheerful. It will be really irritating! I have made this mistake before. Act a little down yourself and then slowly become more cheerful.

You want to match the mood of the person you are talking with:

Try this and see how it works.

Austin Barnes.

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