Social skills are an important part of life for every individual. Unfortunately, they often do not come naturally and that is why social skills need to be taught. Here are three ways to help you when teaching social skills to others.

How to Teach Social Skills


First is to exemplify social skills. In other words, be an example. If a teacher is teaching social skills to children, in her interaction with kids, she needs to be a good example, both in her conversation skills and also in her politeness.

Second, the teacher needs to teach certain techniques for social skills. And this is where a person needs to read up and find which social skills work best. Social skills basically come down to showing interest in the other person and listening. That’s a start. So, the teacher can teach kids, or adults, how to show interest and be better listeners.

Third, teaching social skills involves helping the students practice. And practicing can be as simple as role playing, where two people role play back and forth in a conversation, or how to greet or introduce one another. And this practice will help the student get it in their mind so they will learn.

Teaching social skills can be challenging, but if you exemplify them, teach specific strategies and also help the students practice they will improve their conversation skills and also their popularity.

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