friends-1073437-mThree of us were standing in a circle chatting. Jim walked up. Instantly we knew he was having a rough day. His eyes showed it and his posture was slumped.
Chris asked, “Hi Jim. How are you?”
Jim said, “Disappointed my team lost.”
At this moment Chris could have said dozens of zingers and comebacks.
“Your Surprised? Your Team ______.”
“At least they were not blown out.”
“They deserved to lose.”
“It’s just a football game.”
But no. He used two words.
Two words which you should always use in this situation. Two which will make you likable and nearly compel people to enjoy being around you.
Chris said, “I’m Sorry”.
Then followed up with what was the score? Then more empathy.
Jim instantly brightened up!
Every day people around us are having bad days or hear some bad news. Could be minor. Could be major.
Just starting with “I’m Sorry” will brighten their day and help you connect with others.
Try it and let me know the results.

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