eye-openYou want warm-eye contact. Not scalding hot. Not ice-cold.

Staring at people eyes is like ratcheting up the temperature in a room and serving scalding hot coffee. The conversation partner will feel uncomfortable and want get away to “cool” off.

Some go the other extreme.

They avoid eye-contact. They may stair at the hair, the picture on the wall, the carpet, etc.

This comes across as ice-cold. Many people are not intentionally being rude or cold, but their lack of eye-contact screams rudeness and unfriendliness.

That’s unfortunate because sometimes it’s shyness or lack of training which is causing people to avoid eye-contact.

A simple solution will cause you to have warm eye contact and your eyes will never glaze over. Your Charisma and Likeability will shoot up faster than the temperature of the water I’m boiling tea right now.

Here it is:

When talking and listening, scan your eyes around the eye-brows, eyes, and middle of the nose. 

Keep your eyes moving. Go to a mirror and try it. Now apply this with the next person you talk with.

Let me know your results. There are a few other secrets to great eye-contact which you can find in the Conversation Success System.

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