“How are you?”


“How about yourself?


…awkward silence.

Too many conversations start this way, flat line, and need life support. 

This can lead to no second date, a negative first impression, and missed networking opportunity.

There is a better way.

Start your conversation strong and you’ll have a good conversation and leave a good impression.

After you say “Hi” or they say “HI”, use a good question or comment to get the conversation flowing.

You: Hi

Them: Hello

You: That rain was nice

Them: Yes, it was.

You: Did it spoil your weekend plans?

Them: Yes. We were planning to camping, but chose a movie instead.

Now the conversation is flowing! You can keep flowing with more questions or using the Shask Technique.

Think of more phrases to uses after “Hello” or receive a whole list in the Conversation Success System

Don’t leave a negative impression or get mired in a conversation to nowhere. Use a comments and questions to have a dynamic conversation.

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