Welcome to day 4 of  your conversation questions answered Marathon. Again, feel free to submit your question here

Here is today’s question:

“Why is so hard for me to make conversation?”

Reasons for Poor Social Skills and Lack of Conversation Skills

Usually when a person struggles with carrying on a conversation it can be due to four reasons.

First, a lack of training in how to carry on a good conversation. A few people are born with the ability to be great conversationalist, most have to learn it.

Second, lack of practice.

Third, lack of confidence when talking. This is usually due to the first two reasons.

Fourth, your conversation partner does not want to talk. However, as you grow in your conversation skills, these people will be few and far between. You will be able to draw them into the conversation.

Great conversation skills come down to showing interest and listening. Confidence comes from practice and using a few special mind techniques.

Learn some skills and keep practicing. You will be able to confidently talk with anyone.

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