baseball-in-grass-1395007-mI’m a Baseball fan…during the world series. And then only if I remember to turn on the TV.

Except this year. I’m glued to  the TV as I like the Royals.

You may or may not watch, but there is a powerful conversation tip to be learned from the World Series.
Players do well on the field because they have honed and practiced their skills.
Jamie had poor conversation skills. She craved improvement!
 I told her to take 5 minutes a day and practice smiling, using conversation starters, and having a listening face.
She did this in front of a mirror. Within a week her skills had completely changed.
No longer did she look bored.
No longer did she have a scowl.
No longer did she repel people.
Practicing a few minutes will hone your skills for the world series of life.
That’s why I include practical exercises in the Conversation Success System.

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